Mulhauser Consulting operates a range of websites in behavioural healthcare and mental health, general human and animal health, finance and investments, and technology. We also work with a strictly limited clientele of individuals, corporations, and government organisations.

Our Main Projects

Recent Sales

From time to time, sites in our portfolio are acquired by other businesses. Recent sales include:

  • MyTherapist.com – Former private practice platform.
  • GregsPlugins.com – Original plugins for the WordPress publishing platform.
  • FasterCache.com – The only caching solution for WordPress with hassle-free adaptive expiry.

Our Additional Projects

We operate a couple of dozen other sites which are now in varying stages of development. If you require additional details on our projects now under development, please get in touch.


Originally employed as a research scientist in cognition, complex systems and biologically inspired computation, Dr Greg Mulhauser later moved to business strategy roles and advised on corporate venturing and M&A projects. With educational background in mathematics, philosophy, and mental health, he has worked at the Pentagon, UK universities, and telecommunications giant BT. In 2002, he left his strategic partnering role at BT to found his own firm, securing consulting assignments ranging from ground-based air defence systems at Northrop Grumman and the UK Ministry of Defence to internal communication at the UK’s national Police IT Organisation (PITO). A British Marshall Scholar and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Mulhauser lives in Devon, England with his wife and daughter.

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