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Founded in 2002, Mulhauser Consulting now focuses almost exclusively on web-based business interests in behavioural healthcare and allied fields and in finance and investment.

About Managing Director Dr Greg Mulhauser, BA, PhD, DipCouns, FRSA

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Originally from the United States, Greg Mulhauser was born in Montana and studied in Oregon as an undergraduate with a double major in Philosophy and Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude, with highest honours). After a brief stint at the Pentagon, he accepted a British Marshall Scholarship in 1991, taking a little under three years to complete a PhD in Philosophy of Mind at the University of Edinburgh. Following the PhD, he took up the Gifford Research Fellowship at the University of Glasgow and then left academia for several years in the business world.

Employed initially as a research scientist in cognition and biologically inspired computation, he also spent time studying artificial life, quantum decoherence and both real and artificial evolution. He published his first book in 1998 and in that same year was elected to the Fellowship of the RSA, at the age of 28 — some 7 years younger than the normal minimum age in effect at the time.

But demand for his business acumen soon drew him out of research and into several different roles in business strategy, corporate venturing, and strategic partnering at British Telecommunications.

He went on to found Mulhauser Consulting in 2002 to serve as an umbrella organisation for consulting activities and web-based business interests, and he also took some time out for BACP-accredited training in counselling and psychotherapy to postgraduate diploma level, completing that in 2003.

Mulhauser Consulting History

Mulhauser Consulting was created with the vision of delivering tailored consulting services from a solid foundation of strategic clarity, analytical accuracy and creative insight.

Early consulting assignments with UK government agencies and within the private sector provided an exciting counterbalance to ongoing work developing a network of web-based business interests in behavioural healthcare and allied fields and more recently in finance and investment.

These web-based interests grew so rapidly and successfully that they now represent the lion’s share of the company’s work.

Registered Office

Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. is registered in England no. 4455464. Registered office: 31 High Street, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 8AD.

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