Channel 4’s Soul Searching Documentary

Along with leading international figures such as Roger Penrose, Greg Chaitin and Galen Strawson, Greg Mulhauser appears in the second part of the two-part Channel 4 film Soul Searching.


This documentary film by the producer of the acclaimed series Testing God explores the soul, its history, and our association of creativity and inspiration with the soul.

I appear briefly in the second part of the film, discussing the self and its relationship with the inner sources of creativity and insight.

Work on the documentary film began over one year ago, when I was employed at BTexact Technologies; I was invited to participate to highlight my research on the self and our conscious experience. You can read more about my research on information theory, consciousness and more here on the research pages of

For additional details on the programme, please visit or the press release about the availability of the film on DVD.

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